The Virgin Strive Challenge

This challenge is the latest event organised by Big Change. But it’s more than a physical challenge or a fundraising event, it is an opportunity to bring focus to an important part of young people’s development – Life Skills. We believe the journey is as important as the destination, and that by setting yourself goals and striving to achieve them, you learn vital skills along the way.

To bring this belief to life, a core group of 10 of us are undertaking a challenge. We’re going from London to the Matterhorn. But to make the journey a bit more interesting, we’re doing the whole thing under human power. Three marathons, a row across the channel, a cycle, a hike and a climb. Over 1,000 km travelled under our own steam.

We’re bringing together a group of people with inspirational stories of hard work, discipline and overcoming obstacles. These are people who have all strived in some way – from building successful companies to winning Wimbledon, they all have an interesting story to tell. If you would like to join them, then please read on!


To find out more about what we’re doing, visit the site